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Parents Talk About Reading, Writing, Tuition and Money Management

As with the week before, this week saw the FB group filled with parents seeking reviews on schools. We won't post those links because there are too many and since they are school specific they do not apply to everyone. Instead, here are the other most talked about topics this week.

For parents with kids going to Std 1 in 2019

- How to handle homework guidance and revision if you don't know Chinese but sending to SJKC

- What is "kelas bimbingan" for Std 1 before the start of school?

- What is the distance or time parents spend from school or office to school?

For everyone

- How to encourage your child to read and write

- How to guide your child to manage and save money?

- What to do when your child fails (in Math)

Other topics of interest - Mechanical pencil lead always breaking. Any recommendations for good ones?

- Where to buy singular colour for colour pencils as certain colours run out faster than others

- One-to-one tuition vs Tuition Centre. Which is better?

You also have the chance to win a RM50 book voucher for participating in a survey on English enrichment classes. We have 100 vouchers to give out so hurry before they all run out. That's it for this week. Happy weekend to all!

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