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First Term Tests And Other Updates

As we write this, it is about a week before the first term school holidays which means that most children are in the midst of their first term tests. In line with that, we can see that group discussion has been steered towards homework help, tests and more. Here are this week's most discussed topics in our group.

One of our group members is currently doing research and gathering information on the last topic on opening bank account. We will publish a blog post on that soon.

Other exciting things coming soon include a free trial session for 4 year old kids for Speech and Drama A and Language Development A class at Lorna Whiston TTDI and a free trial class on Coding for Kids and Teens. Read Coding, The Benefits Of Starting Them Young to get the link to the free trial class.

We are looking forward to the March School Holidays.. Are you? Until next week.

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Bilingual English and Mandarin P1 Math Video

P.S. Check out our latest video hot off the press: Bilingual English/Mandarin P1 SJKC Math Unit 2 on Basic Calculations

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