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Past Year Test Papers Bank Update

It's been a quiet school holiday week but not for us. We've been busy uploading hundreds of test papers shared by parents with each other for their own personal use.

As of today, we have 1424 papers shared by 212 parents. In addition to this 212 members, last year, 238 parents with kids in P1 joined. This year, another 150 parents with kids in P1 joined the test papers exchange.

The test papers exchange is an exchange by parents for parents only. It is exclusively for our FB group members who are parents only. The test papers bank is password protected. The password is changed every 6 months to keep the test papers bank updated. Participating members must contribute by sharing their latest papers every 6 months to receive the password.

To know more about the test papers exchange, go here.

To ask any questions you have about our test papers exchange, go here.

To join our Facebook group, go here.

If you are a P1 parent from our Facebook group, go here to request to join first and share later.

If you are a parent (other than P1) from our Facebook group, go here to share your paper to get your password.

If you are an existing user and you wish to know how to blanco out the answers digitally, please go here.

Below are screenshots of our test papers bank. We have test papers for SJKC, SK, SJKT and SMK. Most of the papers come from SJKC, SK, SJKT & SMK in that order with more papers from lower primary compared to upper primary. We have complete sets for SJKC and SK but not SJKT. For SMK, we have only a few Form 1 papers and not for the higher levels.

Question for the week. Do parents get more relaxed as children move up the levels from P1 to Form 1 and beyond? The number of papers we have and requested for seem to indicate so. Most commented topic this week: Would you allow your 11 year old daughter to have a sleepover at her classmates house?

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