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Parents weighing in on school bag issue

This week's parents thoughts shift to school bags as news of the ministry's survey on school bag indicated that a mere 28% of the bag load was due to textbooks and ministry issued activity books. The balance is due to stationery, agama/koko uniform, food containers and even gadgets and toys. We asked parents to share their child's bags for the day and this is what they look like. We see lots of books in there. For some this is the "main" bag as there may be a second or sometimes even a third bag ridiculous though this may sound but this is what our kids carry to school.. Perhaps it should have been the other way around 72% textbooks and activity books and 28% all others.

Percentages aside, it is a good step in the right direction to issue directives to all schools regarding this issue, just like the earlier directive on one workbook per subject. Hopefully, good implementation follows. Other news announced include the end of paid computer classes in SJKCs being carried out during school hours and extra 1000 spaces for matriculation for lower income Chinese students for year 2018 and 2019. If you wish to join the discussion on school bags, you can go to the following links.

What parents think of the end of paid computer classes during official school hours is discussed here. We are one week back to school while international schools will have their term break soon. In some families where children attend different types of schools, there's all type of schedules to juggle. Until next week.

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