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Tuition or No Tuition

Ongoing Polls

We ran a series of polls this week. Our FB polls are really simple ones. They are usually open ended and any member can vote.

On Black Shoes vs White Shoes, we had 980 parents voting for black, 94 voting for white and 208 were indifferent.

On Tuition vs No Tuition (Primary School), we had 608 parents who send their children for tuition vs 362 who did not. On Tuition vs No Tuition (Secondary School), we had 85 parents who send their children for tuition vs 35 who did not.

Members of the group can go straight to the links above to vote or view comments. Top Topics This Week

- How to save for children's education

- Choosing secondary school. Your choice or kids choice?

- HFMD: What steps are your school taking to address this issue? Parents Seeking Recommendations.

- English Magazine choices for 10 year old

- Story books for 9 year old girl

From Our Blog This Week

- 10 Pencil Selection And Handwriting Tips For UPSR Candidates

- Complete List of DLP Schools in Selangor

Finally, the hottest topic, the date parents with dragon babies are waiting for is just round the corner. If you are one of them, go here to discuss Std 1 Application Results and Appeal for 2019. Just for fun. Test your English in this viral "quiz".

That's all the time we have for this week. Good Luck to all parents who applied for Std 1 in 2019.

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