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Back to sports and Co-curricular activities

Kids are going back to sports and extra co-curricular activities soon starting from 1st September 2020. Being confined to home and then the classroom for months, kids should be pleased to participate in sports, clubs and societies again. They can also have gym classes and inter-house tournaments as long as the SOP by the Ministry of Education is followed. Find out what parents in our group think about this new development here. Back to sports and co-curricular activities. Yay or Nay? Those who are registering for Standard one or appealing for school placement results may also be interested in the following document written by one of our members in the group: Guide to Primary 1 Online Registration & How to Appeal School Placement [FAQ]

The new normal has brought many new challenges to us but it has also thought us many new things. For one, it has thought us to do more things online including hold work meetings and conduct lessons online. Even music lessons can now be conducted online by a teacher remotely. Interesting times right? Now you can even attend a school's Info Day virtually. In fact Sekolah Sri KDU is having it's Virtual Info Day 2020 on this coming Saturday, 5th September, 2020. Find out more in our blog post.

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