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Dealing with tears, fears and emotions of children at school

One of the things we parents have to manage are the tears, fears and emotions of our children when they go to school. We can keep up to date with their feelings by constantly talking to them and encouraging them to open up to us. It is even more challenging for special needs children attending public schools. At times you have to deal with bullying in addition to the usual emotions a child has to go through when interacting with their peers and teachers at school. This week some of the questions that arise are related to the tears, fears and emotions of children at school or at home during lessons. My child is angry, emotional, tearful and teacher says he cannot concentrate in class. where can I go for diagnosis? Should my special needs child continue in SJKC? Should I inform their teacher or would they be labeled? My child does not listen to her teacher during piano lessons. How should I handle her attitude? We are non-Chinese speaking family. At which age should my child start to be able to cope in Chinese school or should I change him to private school? Is it true that children have lots more practical lessons to deal with at school this days? My child says he doesn't like his SJKC kindy. His older brother in International school cannot understand BM. What type of school should I send him? Whatever issues our kids may face or challenges we parents will go through in supporting them and helping them to overcome it, remember that they grow up very quickly so let us enjoy every moment of the way guiding them because soon we will miss these precious moments. We also look forward to holidays! Here is the holiday schedule for academic year 2022/2023. Koay Joo Bee

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