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To Switch Schools Or Not?

Hi Parents, We have many types of schools in Malaysia which is a good thing because we have choices but that also means that sometimes we have to take a re look at our choices along the way to see if we are doing the right thing. Do we switch schools or not is something that parents are pondering this week along with other school related issues. 3 posts about schools and switching schools this week.

  1. Take our Poll on secondary school options

  2. To switch from SJKC to private or not (P4 and up)

  3. To switch or not if your child is not doing well in the language used (P1)

2 posts about music education

  1. Is there a need to get a custom made violin for my child?

  2. How long does it take to complete Grade 1 piano exam?

3 posts on things you need for school

  1. What types of alarm clocks work best

  2. How much does school uniform cost?

  3. What to do if the school bag keeps tipping over?

Last but not least is the question of revision. How do you revise with your child at home? Besides these topics the wall was filled with questions about schools and entrance exams etc. Not to worry. We'll sieve through all that information to provide you with links like the above so you can jump straight to the discussion that matters to you most. See you next week. Koay Joo Bee

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