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School Holiday Programmes August 2017

Hi Parents, The 2nd Mid Term Break for public schools is almost upon us again. It starts on 25th or 26th August for one week. Check out this school holiday programmes August 2017 calendar if you are looking for activities for your kids..

Speaking of programmes, this week we concluded a Parents Workshop on Early Writing by Lorna Whiston Taman Tun which was well received by those who attended. Next week on the 24th August 2017, there will be another event at Lorna Whiston. This is a parent and child free demo class and chit chat session for parents with kids turning 4 years old next year. (2018). We had a lot of interesting discussion this week on the following topics:

For those sitting for UPSR next month, here are some topics that may interest you:

Phew! We have had a lot more discussion than this. However, we sieve through all of them to bring you only the most popular based on number of comments. Until another week then.

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Experience A Class At Lorna Whiston

This 24 August 2017, Lorna Whiston Taman Tun is opening its doors to parents with kids turning 4 years old in 2018. You will get to experience the Language Development A class at Lorna Whiston together with your child. Register on this thread

School Holiday Programmes 2017

Check out the training calendar for school holiday programmes and activities for kids from age 3 to teenage years.

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