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Primary and Secondary School Issues and Concerns

Dear Parents,

We wish all our Hindu members and readers a very Happy Deepavali. In recent years, schools are given a week off for Deepavali just like this year. Some parents are taking the opportunity to use these holidays as extra time to do some last minute revision for year-end tests scheduled to start right after the holidays. Others are now enjoying their holidays with the exams over for the year and are planning ahead for the next year. Here are some of the issues parents are pondering over this week. Primary School Issues

Secondary School Issues

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Last but not least, here's a quick roundup of the Educational News affecting primary and secondary school students next year. Until next week, check out the upcoming Open Days happening at the end of this month. We will be announcing more Open Days, member's workshops and school holiday programmes soon in our groups and newsletters. Watch out for it! Sincerely,

Koay Joo Bee Admin and Founder Malaysia Primary School Parents On Facebook Malaysia Secondary School Parents On Facebook Malaysia Market For Children Preloved And Childrens Items

Upcoming Open Days In October 2017

Our members get an extra bonus in the form of 15% discount off December 2017 School Holiday Programme fees to be claimed during Lorna Whiston TTDI Open Day. Members, go here to claim.

Lorna Whiston TTDI Open Day

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