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In Search Of Books And Other Recommendations

Hi there everyone, This week parents are looking for ideas and recommendations for books and other things for their school going kids including:

With the school year coming to a close and the new academic year approaching, we have created a page to house all our articles on starting school. Everything you need to know about starting primary school is on this page for your quick and easy reference including the specialized discussion threads for buying bags and other school supplies. You might also be interested to read our Education News Roundup October 2017 Part 2 for a brief look at the recent news affecting our school going children.

Here are the latest posts from our parenting blog this week:

It is interesting to see what parents discuss each week.. What will the topics be like next week?


Koay Joo Bee Admin and Founder Malaysia Primary School Parents On Facebook Malaysia Secondary School Parents On Facebook Malaysia Market For Children Preloved And Childrens Items

Happening This Weekend on Saturday 28, October 2017

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