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Returning Textbooks On Loan

Hi Parents,

We are slowly winding down for the academic year and with the final exams over, students are now required to return their loaned textbooks. Under the Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks (SPBT) or Textbook Loan Scheme, all public school students are provided with free text books for every primary and secondary school whether SK, SJKC or SJKT.

So it is not surprising that this week's discussion is all about textbooks.

One thing to add about the KSSR Semakan Syllabus New Textbooks for P2 (2018) is the fact that these are the same batch of students who are on the new syllabus starting this year for P1 students. This batch of students will receive new books every year since they are the pioneer batch for the KSSR Semakan syllabus. The catch is they will usually receive their books and find workbooks in the stores last of all because the books may not be out yet. This year some parents have already received the new P2 (2018) textbooks. That's good news for P2 (2018) parents. Parents with kids starting school in 2018 might also be interested to read these real parent tips on starting primary school.

Other interesting reads are this one on No Tuition Policy by parents or this one for parents of girls on whether it is ok to wear gold hoop earrings and any suggested alternatives.

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Until next week,

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