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What Is The Fastest Way To Dry School Shoes

We find it amusing that one of the most highly commented topic this week is "What Is The Fastest Way To Dry School Shoes". It must be due to the cold and wet weather we are currently facing. We don't mind the weather, just keep our shoes dry in time for school. However, this is not a problem for the innovative parents. Parents also found innovative ways to label school textbooks to speed up packing of bags.

Of course we can't survive a week with the following discussion:

Other challenges we face this week include

P1 parents have their own special issues including

Over on our blog, the hottest topics are

We also added some new videos for P1 and kindy parents and kids to learn Chinese together through songs on classroom vocabulary like "I need to go to the bathroom", "line up", "stand up", "keep quiet", "I don't understand", "I love homework". Check it out here. Phew! This has been another busy week for us. Look forward to more next week and beyond.

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