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What Your Child Will Be Learning In SJKC P1 Science

We were doing bilingual videos for SJKC P1 Math and were wondering whether to continue doing those videos till we completed the syllabus before we started on Science videos. However, parents who are using the videos wanted to start on Science videos first before carrying on with Math. That makes sense because some of the Math syllabus are not taught yet so we might as well do them both at the same time. So, here's our first bilingual Science for kids video.

Here's what your child will be learning in P1 for Science subject in SJKC or Chinese Primary School in Malaysia. These are based on the latest KSSR Semakan syllabus.

First, a little background story. The KSSR syllabus was introduced in 2011. KSSR stands for Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah. After six years of its implementation where the first batch kids would have completed primary schooling from standard 1 to 6, a review was conducted and that is why starting 2017, kids are on the KSSR Semakan syllabus. "Semakan" means "Review". When it was announced that starting 2017, kids will be doing the new KSSR Semakan syllabus, some parents went "not again... not another change". However, after 6 years of implementation, it is fair enough to do a review. It is not really a new syllabus. Just a tweak to an existing syllabus.

Anyway, we digressed. Below are the contents for the P1 Science under the KSSR Semakan syllabus. Kids will be learning 10 Units. They are...

  1. Scientific Skills

  2. Science Lab Rules

  3. Living and Non-Living Things

  4. Mankind

  5. Animals

  6. Plants

  7. Magnet

  8. Absorbency

  9. Earth

  10. Basic Construction

For non-Chinese speaking families who are teaching their kids Science in Chinese, click here to see a bilingual English/Mandarin with pinyin video of the Chinese words for the 10 units as shown above. This will help you know the entire syllabus in Chinese at a glance and be better able to explain to your children. As with the Math Videos, we will work on the contents, one unit at a time after this.

SJKC P1 Science Bilingual Chinese English Videos

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