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SJKC Bilingual Math Video For P1

Our new video is out. This one is based on the Mathematics KSSR Semakan P1 Textbook Jilid 2. The topic is Money. This video is bilingual Chinese with pinyin and English translation. It is for all non-Chinese speaking parents who are helping their children with revision at home. While the topic of money is really an easy one and it will be almost effortless for you to teach your child; when it is in a language that you do not know, then the barrier to teaching and understanding becomes HUGE! We hope to remove some of that barrier with this video. Before you start, get all your coins and ringgit notes ready. This video will address some of the common terms found in the chapter including the classifier and description of the currency. It is best watched with the video on Unit 2 on Basic Calculations. It is recommended to pause the video at intervals to view the terms. After the learning session, you can go "shopping" with your child to buy a favourite snack. Before going, make sure you calculate the amount you will be giving and getting in return. Happy learning! Click on the image above to watch the video. Look for the same image to watch the chapter on Money.

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