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Parents Tutoring Their Own Kids And Helping With Homework

Can you tutor your own child or do you think it is better to outsource tuition? Apparently, many of the parents in our group teach their own children themselves. Even if they don't, many are involved in helping the kids with homework.

Here are more "homework" and "tutoring" topics from this week.

For those who teach themselves.:

For banana moms:

For those who outsource to tuition teachers or centers:

Not being able to help with homework is also the reason why we continue to have the dilemma of wondering whether we are doing the right thing in sending to SJKC.

Finally, now that the first term exams are over, parents can check for their kids results online.

Last but certainly not least, we are happy to let you know of a few changes on our forum. The forum now supports sub-categories. It took us a whole day to move things around to the new categories. With sub-categories,

We hope that this will make it easier for parents to network with and find transporters and tutors.

"Children learn more from what you are then what you teach"

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