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About homework, revision, tests and more

The second term tests is coming up soon for some and with that we see an uptrend in discussion topics on how to help the children in school work. Here are some of the most discussed topic this week.

About Helping Our Kids With Homework

About Computer Classes In School

Besides homework, parents also talked about the circular by MOE that was shared in some whatsapp groups about the cessation of computer classes during normal schooling hours. While we were on the subject of computer usage, we also did a poll on the usage of Frog VLE in schools.

Finally, those with girls who have long hair can read up the discussion about how to do up your girl's hair in a bun for school. We've been active this week! Parents continued to share their test papers for our test papers bank and we now have 1631 test papers as at 25 April 2018. We now have March and April 2018 papers in our test papers sharing collection.

Thank you to all the parents for sharing their latest papers!

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