10 Issues Parents Are Concerned With This Week

We saw many different topics discussed this week. Here are the Top 10 most commented and debated topics by parents.

  1. SK vs SJKC

  2. Enrichment Classes - Choose based on what you think or on child's interest?

  3. Too much writing practice in school?

  4. Punished to write 100x - If not appropriate, then what is?

  5. Seeking recommendations for dictionaries - BM, Chinese, English

  6. How to make homework fun?

  7. What parents think about card/cashless system in schools?

  8. Tips on how to raise a reader

  9. Overseas trips for primary school kids - Yay or nay?

  10. 2019 Std 1 application results and appeals discussion thread

We parents can be a rather chatty lot judging from the number of discussion that goes on each week. There are more but we can't possibly state them all here so we summarize only the most popular for parents to easily catch up with what matters most to them. I wonder what we will discuss next week?

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