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It's Black Shoes For Schools Starting 2019

Parents are excited over the news on the switch of school shoes from white to black next year. So much so that several threads were started just to talk about this. We picked out only the most popular one for you to follow.

It's Black Shoes For Schools Starting 2019

This means that Dragon babies who go to school in 2019 will be wearing black shoes. Speaking about going to school, here are a couple of topics parents with young kids may be interested in.

What's your morning routine before going to school?

Quick breakfast ideas for morning school

Worried about slow eater starting school next year

Apart from these topics, you might also be interested in these.

DLP - What parents think (POLL)

What Chinese story books to buy

Finally, the SAPS system is now back up for parents to check exam results. If you do not know what SAPS is, you can go here to find out before checking your child's results. That's all for this week. Are you happy with the black shoes ruling?

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P.S. Upcoming Event this week: Sekolah SRI KDU Mandarin Open Day happening on 21 July 2018

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