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Top 8 Parenting Issues Discussed This Week

We've had a mixed week in terms of discussion on our parenting platform. So many different issues occupy parents minds this week including

  1. The need to be careful when buying story books. Some innocent looking book covers and titles have inappropriate content.

  2. What to do when your child's money is stolen at the daycare centre

  3. Is it possible to delay entry to std 1 and how to do it

  4. Is it compulsory for parents to submit income documents like pay slip to school

  5. When are the final term exams and what syllabus is covered

  6. Opinion: Tuition centre wants child to continue tuition after UPSR to prepare for Form 1. To go or not

  7. What to do when child has head lice problems

  8. When is Deepavali School Holidays 2017

As parents we are constantly worried about our children's well being as can be seen from the active discussion in our group each week. Some parents continue to learn too in order to teach their children as can be seen when the 20 seats for Parents Workshop on 4th October 2017 on Tips For Helping Your Child To Write More Creatively was taken up in an hour.

It's been another busy week on our parenting platform.

Have a good long weekend everyone!

Koay Joo Bee Admin and Founder Malaysia Primary School Parents On Facebook Malaysia Secondary School Parents On Facebook Malaysia Market For Children Preloved And Childrens Items



Here's another event for parents with kids turning 4 years old in 2018. You and your child are invited to attend a sample Language Development A lesson with Deputy Head Teacher, Mr Michael Charters. During the class the children will take part in a variety of motivating activities designed to develop their spoken English including reading, writing and phonics. After that, you’re invited to have coffee with head teacher Ms Marianne Dark to find out how to give your child the best possible start in English at Lorna Whiston. Email us to book your session on 28 Sept 2017 or 12 October 2017.

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