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How, What and Where Questions From Parents

One of the good things about parents networking is we are able to ask each other questions on current or pressing issues on our minds. We do this every day on our parenting platform including our most active Facebook group - The Malaysia Primary School Parents On Facebook Group. This week's How, What and Where Questions From Parents are as follows:


20 Boring Words and what to use instead

It's exam fever period. Those preparing kids for English paper 2 exams for upper primary and lower secondary school going kids, check out our blog on vocabulary for creative writing: 28 boring words and what to use instead.

Meanwhile parents with younger kids, specifically kids who are turning 4 years old in 2018 are invited to try out a free demo class at Lorna Whiston Taman Tun Dr Ismail on 12 October 2017 together with their kids to have a taste of how a Language Development class is like at the centre. These are some of the questions we have this week. I wonder what questions we will have next week?

We learn something new in our group every week.

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