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Parents Hit The Ground Running

Parents Hit The Ground Running On The First Week Of School In 2018

It's only the first week of school and judging from the discussion going on in our group right now, it is obvious that parents have hit the ground running in going back to school routines. So many topics in so little time, we can't summarize them all, so we will only focus on the ones with the most comments. Top 10 Most Commented Topics This Week

  1. How are the kids and parents managing on the first day of school

  2. School caterer vs Bring your own food vs Buy from canteen

  3. How many classes? How many students to a class? See the number of students in different schools

  4. Condition of textbooks on loan

  5. Where to sew school badge

  6. Is it normal to pay for transporter fee for December 2018?

  7. Crazy schedule of mummy drivers who chauffeur their kids around

  8. Chinese school is not the only way to learn Mandarin

  9. How to opt out of compulsory after school tuition

  10. How many kids bring handkerchief to school?

You might also like to check out the summary on this week's active posting on our forum for

We have a New Year freebie for members. A school timetable for kids. Get the password for your free download here.

Parents with 5 year old kids have joined the discussion too with a thread of their own to network ahead of school registration in March 2018.

Last but not least, the press release on DLP by the MOE is out. View the press release and parents reactions here.

It's been a crazy rushed week. By next week all will be normal again as we adjust into our routines for 2018.

Have a good rest this weekend.

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