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Introducing the Parents Book Exchange Forum

When a large number of parents network online, we can help each other in many ways. For example we have 396 parents participating in our test papers exchange. As at the end of last year, we have a total of 1252 test papers on our test papers bank.. This test paper bank is password protected for these members only. Contributors share new papers every 6 months to keep the test paper bank freshly updated with the latest papers. Other then the test papers exchange, we also have a tutors, transport and daycare forum for parents and providers to network.

Early this year, we extended our forum to include a books exchange category for parents who wish to swap books. Swapping books help us save the environment. We can also encourage our children to read more books by getting more books for them to read without paying. Imagine if you bought 3 books and you swap the 3 books after your child has finished reading them. You can keep on swapping and your cost remains at the cost of the original 3 books. This will help you to save money and space. Feel free to use it. It is free for parents to use.

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