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Bilingual Math Video for SJKC Unit 2 P1 Math

Since it is test season, we rushed out another video for banana parents. This time the video is on Unit 2 for SJKC P1 Math. As before, we looked through the textbook and workbook and listed down common keywords that are frequently used. Of course there are many other words in the textbook, we couldn't possibly translate them all. However, these keywords should help to give you a basic understanding or idea on what the unit is all about. Unit 2 is on Basic Calculations. Addition, Subtraction and the different ways these could be put into words in Chinese are included in the video. Teach your child to circle these keywords when doing homework or revision so they can clearly identify what type of sums are required ie whether to add or subtract. Words like add, subtract, the difference between, equals to, more, less, how many, altogether etc are included in this video. First term tests will probably cover Unit 1 and Unit 2. It depends on the school. Now the question is should we continue with the rest of the units in Math or should we start making some bilingual English/Mandarin Science videos next?

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