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Back To School

While the public school students return to school, the International School students break for Easter holidays. That's the way it is like when you have several school systems in place. So if you have a child in public school and one in private doing the International syllabus, good luck on planning your vacations! With students returning to school, parents are busy helping with homework again. It is evident from the questions that are asked in the group. 90% of them are on homework help! So, there's not much to summarize this week.

Other than homework help and help on selecting schools and doing registration for standard one, the top topics are:

Some of our members recently attended the Introduction to the British Council parents workshop at the British Council Mutiara Damansara center. Parents got to be 7-year olds again as they sat through actual lessons taught to kids on grammar, phonics etc.

Just a short update this week. Looking for a free printable calendar for April 2018? Check out our blog post on how you can customize and print free calendars online.

Keep Calm and Welcome Back To School

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