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P1 Maths on Whole Numbers Below 100

Recently we created a video channel for banana moms who are guiding their P1 kids themselves. This is our 3rd video. The first video outlines the topics covered in the syllabus. The second video is about the common terms used in exam questions. This 3rd video is on Unit 1 of the Math Syllabus. The video is based on the KSSR Semakan syllabus and follows the Standard 1 Textbooks closely. The videos do not show you how to do the sums. They assume that you know the concepts (which are rather simple for P1 maths). Instead, the Math videos shows you the important keywords translated into English and with the pinyin to help the non-Chinese speaker guide their children in Math in Chinese.. The video is created by a banana mom (yes, even a banana mom can create a Chinese video) for other banana moms. In fact, they are useful to any parent who send their kids to Chinese school or SJKC as a guide for helping their child with Math homework or revision for term tests. This video is based on standard one syllabus. However, if your child is struggling with the terms in standard 2, you will find this useful as well. We will be working on more videos. However, we rushed this one out for those who are helping their kids for term tests in early March. Not all p1 students have the first term test in March, some have them in April or May. It depends on the school and how many times a year the children are required to sit for term tests. Term tests can be anything from 2 to 4 times a year. If you wish to look for more terms not shown in this video, you can check out the following Chinese to English free online dictionaries.

To watch Unit 1: Whole Numbers Below 100, go here and then click on the bear image similar to the above.

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