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Common Math In Chinese Exam Terms Translated To English

We added a new video today. This video is on our SJKC Math in Chinese video channel. This video is created for non-Chinese speaking parents who need to help their child who attends SJKC revise for Math in Chinese test. One of the biggest hurdles a parent and child from non-Chinese speaking families face is the language barrier.

In fact, this is one of the things that stops a parent from sending or continuing to send their child to a Chinese school. It is tough to stand by helplessly. You want to help your child in homework and revision but you don't know the language so how do you do it? When it comes to subjects like Math and Science, many of these children are in fact well versed or may know the subject well. However, they still perform badly during school tests. This is very demotivating for both parent and child.

I know because I have been there before. I have painstakingly sat with my children and translated everything word for word just to help myself to guide them. After doing that for some time, I realized that in Math and Science, you can teach in English and translate certain keywords. That is good enough. Once you know the keywords, you will have broken down some of the barriers. The best part is, once you learn the keywords in Primary One, you will find that they are the same in Primary Two, Three and higher. The keywords remain the same, only the sums get harder with bigger numbers and more complicated math. Once they reached Primary Three, they will be independent and no longer need your help.

Knowing the common terms used is the first step for breaking down that big wall that makes us pull our hair in frustration.

That is why I have created this video for English/Malay/Tamil/other Chinese dialect speaking parents who send their kids to SJKC.. You can teach your child Math in English. Then make sure teach them some of the common terms to help them understand exam questions. I hope you find this video on the common terms used in test questions useful.. I have translated the terms to English. I also included the pinyin version so that it is easier for your child because they will be learning it in Mandarin. It helps to be able to say it aloud. Some of the common terms include, tick the correct answer, circle the correct answer, colour in the answer, fill in the blanks, etc. These terms are not taught as part of the syllabus, so your child will not know them automatically. It will be helpful if you teach them. They will be useful for other subjects too. Here's how to access the video. Go to the SJKC P1 Math Video Channel. Click on the "Common Exam Terms" video to watch.

The next video I am working on is the common terms for Unit 1 in the KSSR Semakan Math Textbook. If you have any video request, please leave a comment below.

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